Cameroon punishes illegal loggers and administration staff exposed by independent forest monitors

Cameroon’s Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) has raided companies, issued fines, suspended logging authorisations and opened court cases in response to recent reports by independent forest monitors there.

Log tracking in Cameroon by Emmanuel Groutel

The reports have also led the MINFOF to take disciplinary action against its own agents.

In March 2017, the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Philip Ngole Ngwese dismissed nine heads of forest control and hunting posts in areas where independent monitors had reported on suspected illegal logging.

Since February 2016, the forest administration has acted on ten of the fourteen reports produced within the framework of the Standardised System of Independent External Monitoring (SSIEM).

FODER (Forests and Rural Development), the civil society group that coordinates SSIEM says the reports are making the forest administration “intervene more and more effectively”.

Read more in FODER’s May 2017 briefing, which is available in French [PDF] and English [PDF].