UNEP-WCMC reports on EUTR implementation

The UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) has published its latest briefing note on the implementation of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), which covers the period September to November 2019.

The briefing note reports on the 25th meeting of the FLEGT/EUTR Expert Group, which took place on 12 September 2019 in Brussels. The Group upheld its conclusion that due to a lack of access to relevant information, risk assessment and adequate risk mitigation measures are not currently possible for wood harvested in Myanmar. It also upheld its conclusion that risk of illegally-harvested timber entering the supply chain is not negligible in Brazil. The Group heard updates on the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) processes in Ghana and Vietnam, and discussed the treatment of confiscated timber in the context of VPAs. 

The briefing highlights the release of a study conducted by the Thünen Institute on whether German importing operators have adapted their management activities to the EUTR requirements. 

On implementation and enforcement, the briefing summarises updates from Swedish, German and UK Competent Authorities on their actions to enforce the EUTR. 

On illegal logging and timber trade, the briefing highlights include NGOs’ complaints against alleged illegal logging and other illegal activities related to the timber sector in Romania, Ghana’s response to alleged corruption in rosewood trade and the release by Forest Trends of an advisory on Cambodian timber exports to Vietnam. 

It also reports on some judicial and enforcement actions including a report by Cameroon’s Coordination of the Standardised External Independent Monitoring System indicating the suspension of two forestry companies for logging beyond concession limits and failure to comply with technical standards. 

Among legislation and policy updates, the briefing reports on a Multi-Stakeholder Group workshop, which was hosted in November 2019 by Myanmar’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the EU, with technical support from the EU FLEGT Facility. The workshop initiated the development of a roadmap of priority actions for the FAO-EU FLEGT Programme, focusing on promoting legal timber production and trade in Myanmar. It also highlights that the Legality Definition of Thailand’s timber legality assurance system now recognises reclaimed timber as a legal source.

The briefing closes with a list of other news, resources and publications.

The briefing note was compiled by UNEP-WCMC as a consultant of the European Commission in close cooperation with the Member States’ Competent Authorities.

UNEP-WCMC briefing note


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