Staying up to speed on FLEGT online

A new website has been launched to help EU timber buyers and their suppliers navigate FLEGT licensing.

The FLEGT licence information point has gone live to coincide with the announcement that Indonesia will be the first country to issue FLEGT licences and is set to ship its first FLEGT-licensed products to the EU this year. The site explains what FLEGT licences are and how they can benefit timber businesses in the EU and their suppliers in countries with FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) with the EU. 

It also includes answers to frequently asked questions on everything from how FLEGT licences exempt importers from EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) due diligence requirements, to complex trade scenarios and problem reporting. It provides definitions, terms of use, and advice for branding and communicating accurate, coherent information about FLEGT licences. 

There are details too on FLEGT Competent Authorities, which will validate licences in each EU country, plus other useful trading information for importers and other FLEGTlicensed product traders in the EU. A section on Indonesia covers its SVLK timber legality assurance system, FLEGT licensing procedures and FLEGT-licensed products.

There is broader information on other FLEGT VPA countries and dedicated national pages will be added as they move towards FLEGT licensing. The site will be continually updated to reflect developments in VPA and FLEGT licensing processes and in response to user feedback. The FLEGT licence information point also aims to keep timber producers and suppliers up to date on the latest developments. 

Visit the FLEGT licence information point at: