How tracking product sources may help save world’s forests

Global businesses are increasingly pledging to obtain key commodities only from sources that do not contribute to deforestation. Now, nonprofit groups are deploying data tools that help hold these companies to their promises by tracing the origins of everything from soy to timber to beef.

Drone footage shows devastating scope of deforestation for Palm Oil in Indonesia by Emerson Urry, EnviroNews

It was only a 20-minute flight, inland from the northern shore of Borneo. But the change in the landscape since my previous trip on the same route 20 years ago was staggering. Last time it was rainforest all the way. But in November 2016, the trees were all gone. Almost the entire route between Miri, a port town in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, and the remote inland town of Marudi was laid out in rectangles filled with plantations of oil palm. 

Who is to blame for this transformation? Is my tub of margarine or your jar of cosmetics made from the palm oil growing down here? And if we knew, could we stop the continuing tropical carnage? 

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