How can we achieve deforestation-free commodities goals?

Around the world, public and private-sector organisations have made commitments to remove commodity-driven deforestation from their supply chains, including the New York and Amsterdam declarations. But implementation of commitments has been slower and harder than expected.

Deforestation in West Papua, Indonesia by EU REDD Facility

The EU REDD Facility has been working with national and international stakeholders to understand how to facilitate the implementation of deforestation-free commitments globally.

The Facility is now sharing its initial findings. The briefing Deforestation-free commodity trade: scaling-up implementation with jurisdictions explores three important steps for implementing deforestation-free commitments:

1. Know the local origin of commodities
2. Assess forest-related risks and opportunities
3. Encourage jurisdictions on a deforestation-free pathway

More information is available on the EU REDD Facility website, including information about related projects on Transparency for Sustainable Economies (TRASE) and zero-deforestation supply chains in partner countries.