Global Timber Forum analyses gender in the wood processing sector of Ghana

A study commissioned by the Global Timber Forum reveals that women workers in Ghana’s wood processing sector are much less visible than their male counterparts yet are involved in multiple areas of the value chain. This involvement ranges from the administration, labour and through to acting as financiers of business.

Quality control of engineered wood products, Kumasi, Ghana by EU FLEGT Facility

The study provides an overview of the wood processing sector in Ghana. It outlines the main findings of the analysis of gender in this sector, detailing its gender dynamics and the role of women. It finds that women participate across all points in the wood processing value chain but that this participation is not recognised. 

The author describes how the historical and socio-cultural context defines the roles assigned to men and women across the value chain. She further points to the limited involvement of women in governance and leadership, as well as the limited understanding and appreciation of the impact of gender imbalances. Her analysis reveals ignorance of women’s rights and a lack of knowledge on the existing laws on women’s rights. She also notes women’s limited empowerment and agency, as well as the lack of recognition of, respect for and protection of women’s rights. 

The author concludes by calling on the industry to recognise gender imbalance and diversity. She further stresses the need for empowerment and agency, capacity strengthening, sensitisation and awareness raising, resources for gender mainstreaming and partnerships.


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