FLEGT Independent Market Monitor launches Data Dashboard

The FLEGT Independent Market Monitor (IMM) has launched a dashboard that provides access to statistical data on imports into the European Union (EU) of timber, paper and pulp from the 15 countries either supplying FLEGT-licensed timber or that are implementing or negotiating a FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the EU in May 2018.

IMM Data Dashboard provides user-friendly data download and visualisation by IMM

The IMM is a multi-year programme funded by the EU and managed by the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO). Its role is to use trade flow analysis and market research to independently assess trade and market impacts of FLEGT VPAs.

To facilitate broader market analysis, the IMM Data Dashboard also provides statistics on non-VPA countries that are leading suppliers of tropical timber into the EU and detailed technical explanation of data sources. 

The data is derived from Eurostat COMEXT, and is compiled and validated by IMM. Trade flows can be explored and relevant data downloaded by selecting either:

  • The VPA country grouping (whether FLEGT licensing, VPA implementing or negotiating) or the individual VPA country
  • The individual non-VPA tropical timber supplying country
  • The whole of the EU or individual EU Member State
  • The product grouping or a specific product

The dashboard covers all 28 EU Member States and large number of wood, cork and pulp products, as well as paper, printed papers and wood-based furniture. Users can restrict the data to those products regulated through the EU Timber Regulation.


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