ETTF offers EUTR due diligence back-up

While supporting FLEGT licensing, the ETTF is also committed to building up support for member companies in meeting due diligence demands of the EUTR.

Core to this is its online Timber Trade Portal (, a one-stop-shop for supplier-country legislative and business information. Its aim, said ETTF Secretary General André de Boer, is to help EU importers and those in other countries with market legality regulation to ensure timber has been legally sourced in the country of origin. 

“By making this information freely and easily available, we wanted to make legality due diligence more straightforward for everyone and level the playing field between large and small businesses,” he said. The website also provides suppliercountry trade data and contacts, with the objective of “helping buyers and suppliers develop business links, while ensuring that business is legal”. 

Backed by the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition and International Tropical Timber Organisation, the site initially aims to profile 23 countries. The latest addition is Ukraine, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Honduras, and Russia to follow.