EC publishes results of consultation on action against tropical deforestation

The European Commission has published the results of a public consultation on its roadmap towards an EU “Communication on Stepping up EU Action against Deforestation and Forest Degradation”.

The EC received nearly 1,000 responses to its questionnaire, as well as some longer contributions from organisations and individuals.

Most respondents (70%) felt they were ‘well’ to ‘very well’ informed about the problem of deforestation and forest degradation. Most (73%) did not perceive the current EU framework for tackling deforestation and forest degradation to be adequate.

When asked about which forest-risk commodities an EU initiative should address, 80% of respondents selected palm oil, followed by meat (54%), soy (52%), bio-diesel (45%) and wood (34%).

The top actions perceived as very important or important were:

  • Support forest policies, sustainable forest management, better protection, conservation and restoration of ecosystems 
  • Include the issues of deforestation and forest degradation into EU trade agreements signed with tropical countries 
  • Ensure the EU or the European Investment Bank funding do not, even indirectly, finance projects contributing to deforestation 
  • Address EU consumption of unsustainably produced forest-risk commodities

Download the Summary Report or visit the EUROPA website to access the longer contributions, or an Excel file with all of the individual survey responses.