Earthsight releases new monitoring resources for civil society

The NGO Earthsight has developed new resources that support civil society in monitoring deforestation and illegal logging, and tracking illegal timber through international supply chains.

The Timber Investigation Centre focuses on helping communities and activists in forested countries to use information and harness consumer country laws designed to prevent illegal timber from reaching consumer markets.

The Timber Investigation Centre website hosts three elements:

  1. A Guidebook on how to monitor illegal logging and track timber through supply chains
  2. Up-to date news and resources including case studies and information on new technologies
  3. An offer of assistance for organisations to carry out investigations and submit evidence to authorities

The Timber Investigation Centre is also available in French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia.

Earthsight is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote the use of in-depth investigations to expose environmental and social crime, injustice and the links to global consumption.