Briefing: Developments relevant to the implementation and enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation, December 2016 to March 2017

Briefing note compiled by UNEP-WCMC under contract with the European Commission for support services for implementing the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Regulation.

Teak logs awaiting inspection in factory yard, Yangon, Myanmar by EU FLEGT Facility

The briefing note provides an overview of recent developments relevant to the implementation and enforcement of the EUTR, where specific attention of EU Member States is warranted and enforcement steps are being taken. It also includes information on recent work on legislation and other measures in consumer and producer countries aimed at combatting illegal trade in timber and timber products, such as traceability systems, for example. This particular briefing note also includes details on Competent Authorities’ responses to substantiated concerns raised by the Environmental Investigation Agency regarding placement of Burmese teak from Myanmar onto the EU market.

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