FLEGT.org launches new social features

The EU FLEGT Facility launched today the social features of FLEGT.org. The social features allow members to network directly with other FLEGT.org users and share their comments, events and resources with the FLEGT community.

The new features of FLEGT.org include the social wall, directory, calendar and the documents library and gallery.

The social wall is a free social media space for members, groups and organisations to post their own comments, links, images and other resources. With the directory, users can find and connect with other FLEGT experts, colleagues, groups and organisations. The calendar helps users to stay informed about FLEGT events that have been created by FLEGT.org groups and organisations. Members can easily find documents and images that have been posted on the social wall by accessing the documents library and gallery.

FLEGT.org is dedicated to sharing accurate information and practical knowledge about the EU FLEGT Action Plan. It is a one-stop centre where members can access and share news, research, training materials and many other resources. It is a place to network with civil society, private sector and government organisations and individuals who are working to achieve the Action Plan’s goals of combatting illegal logging and fostering good forest governance. 

Users who have a FLEGT.org public profile can log in and start using the social features now. Those without an account need to sign up and complete a public profile.

FLEGT.org and its social features are hosted by the EU FLEGT Facility. For more information contact info@flegt.org.