Frequently asked questions

How do I create a profile?

To start using and its social features, you first need to create an account. Fill in the information. You will be prompted to choose the group or organisation that you are affiliated with. If you are an independent user or your organisation is not listed, choose ‘Independent’ and save your profile.

You can sign in with your account details. You will be prompted to fill in your profile information. In this step you can also create a group or organisation. Save your profile and you are ready to start using the social features.

How do I follow and become a member of another group or organisation?

Go to the organisation page on and click ‘Follow’. You must complete this step to receive the prompt to become a member of that organisation.

How can I post as an organisation or a group?

Once you are a member of an organisation or a group, you can link your posts to that organisation. You can post directly from the Social wall, your profile page or from the organisation page. 

How do I link and unlink posts to an organisation?

If you post as an organisation, that post will automatically be linked to that organisation. You can unlink the post from the organisation simply by clicking ‘Unlink organisation’ underneath the post.

Why can’t I post documents?

Only administrators of groups or organisations can post documents. If you are not an administrator, you can post links to documents and other materials on the Social wall.

How do I become a group or organisation administrator?

To become an administrator of a group or organisation you need to first follow and then become a member of that group or organisation. You will then be prompted to become an administrator of that group or organisation. This step needs to be validated by another administrator of the selected group or organisation.

Can I complain about content?

Our social features are moderated for any content that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. If you would like to alert us to particular content or user behaviour please e-mail us to 

How can I receive further help?

Please send questions to